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Organized Fishing Trip

Welcome to Montenegro Rivers

Montenegro is a very popular and attractive destination for fly fishing.
The beauty of lakes, rivers, canyons, mountains is something that must be expirienced and seen.

River Tara

River Tara is real fly fishing river for sirious proffessional fly-fisherman and nature lovers! Fish species that have our rivers are brown trout, grayling and sprout.Tara river – othervise called the tear of Europe. What makes Tara famous in the World is its grand canyon,which is the first in the Europe in terms of depth and beauty, and the second in the world after the Grand Canyon of Colorado. The river that meets the true fans of fly fishing and the dream of every fisherman!

River Ćehotina

Ćehotina is a mountain river. Ćehotina has got a lot of spring rivers…This spring rivers give life beacuse they are very suitable for spawn of salmonids. This river flaws throuth splendid landscapes, hiden but splendid, which are the real paradise for fisherman. Ćehotina is rich with salmonid fish species trout, grayling and hucho hucho. There is acumulation in river Ćehotina – the lake Otilovačko, rich with hucho hucho. The lake is suitable for fishing from the shore and fishing from the boat.

River Lim

The vivid River Lim originates at the foot of Prokletije, as an island from the beautiful Plav Lake, at 999 meters above sea level. Lim is a Balkan river as it flows through Montenegro, Albania, Serbia and Republika Srpska, Bosnia and Herzegovina. Lim River is characterized by green and light-green clear water, composite valley of bottom land, richness of fish, artificial lake, rafting and kayaking opportunities, cultural and historical monuments. The Lim River forms a composite valley in which beautiful gorges and valleys alternate change, and the fertile area around it is called Polimlje.