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General Lease Agreement


Thunder Transfer Service Ltd. (hereinafter the Lessor) rents the vehicle specified on the front of this Agreement to the Lessee (hereinafter the Service User) for the time and under the conditions set out in this Agreement.

Article 1

The Service user agrees by his / her signature to accept and respect the following general conditions, as well as to assume all rights and obligations arising from this contract:
a) be at least 22 years of age and have a valid driver’s license for at least 2 years;
b) to take the vehicle for use in a completely correct condition, with the temporary level of the fuel in the tank and all the necessary documents on the vehicle, as well as the accessories;
c) if the user is not able to return the vehicle in time, as well as if he wishes to extend the rental of the vehicle, he is obliged to announce it no later than 24 hours before the expiration of this contract;
d) the User undertakes taking care of the technical safety of the vehicle during the lease and to notify the Lessor immediately after the occurrence of any failure;
e) the User must not use the rented vehicle:
– under the influence of alcohol, narcotics or any other forbidden stimulants,
– for illegal purposes (criminal offenses, customs offenses, etc.),
– for the paid transportation of goods and passengers,
– for sports competitions,
f) use the rented vehicles only for their own needs,
– that the abovementioned vehicle may only be operated by a person specified in the contract as a second driver,
– not to lease the rented vehicle to persons or objects over the permissible weight,
– that the rented vehicle does not cross the border of Montenegro without the prior consent of the Lessor.

Article 2

The price of renting a car includes third party insurance in case of an accident.

Article 3

In case of negligence on the part of the User, if there is any damage to the vehicle (damage to tires, rims, lower part of the vehicle, drive mechanism of the vehicle…), and there was no traffic accident, the User is obligated to pay the Lessor the full amount of the cost of repairing the vehicle and the amount of lost daily rental of the vehicle at the current price list during the repair.
In the event of a traffic accident caused by the Service User, the User is obliged to compensate the Lessor for the entire amount of the cost of repairing the vehicle in an authorized service center.

Article 4

For the loss of documents or keys we will charge a compensation of 500,00 €.

Article 5

Regardless of the purchased liability for the rented vehicle, the Customer will bear all the costs of repairing the vehicle or even the market price of the new vehicle, as well as the cost of loss of the Lessor caused by the non-use of the said vehicle in case:
– the damage to the vehicle was caused by alcohol or drugs,
– damage to the vehicle is caused deliberately or by negligence of the driver (off-road use, etc.),
– at the time of the accident, the driver did not have a driver’s license or intentionally left in the contract false information about himself and invalid documents.

Article 6

The User undertakes protecting the interests of the Lessor and his insurance company in the event of an accident by:
– taking the names and addresses of the participants and witnesses of the traffic accident,
– not leaving the damaged vehicle while waiting for the arrival of the traffic police, taking the official record of the accident, removing the vehicle from the scene and properly securing it,
– informing the Lessor immediately.

Article 7

If the Service User fails to fulfill all obligations specified in Art. 6 of this Agreement, the User will be responsible for all consequences and damages that would result therefrom.

Article 8

Any changes to this contract are valid only if they have been confirmed in writing by both sides.

Article 9

The Service User undertakes properly settling all obligations to the Lessor, as follows:
– the price for daily rental of the vehicle at a valid price list,
– the value of penalty brought against the Service User in connection with the use of the vehicle and caused by the Service User because of violation of traffic regulations,
– the price of court and attorney’s fees incurred as a result of the court collection of claims from the Service User.

Article 10

If the Service User settles the rental costs with a credit card, by its signature on the original contract it authorizes the Lessor to invoice the total rental costs in the name of the organization that issued the credit card.

Article 11

In the event of a dispute under this contract, the court in Podgorica shall have jurisdiction.